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This is the village website for Aston Le Walls where you can find information on activities and events in the village

DefibrillationFor information about how to use the defibrillator in the village, please click here.

Latest Food Bank message (15th Jan 2022):
A great offering from Aston to Banbury Food Bank last week!  This week it is for Daventry and they have requested tinned meat and tinned meals eg Chicken curry, Chilli con carne, stewed beef etc.  Many thanks for your ongoing efforts to bring items to Comfrey Cottage for the Thursday collection each week. 

Age UK Northamptonshire
They provide a variety of services, including Domestic Cleaning, Carers Sitting Service, Gardening etc.  Please see the poster on the Parish Council tab here.

A361 Temporary Two-Way Traffic Lights
From Monday 24th January for approximately 6 weeks.  HS2 advise allowing more time to complete your journey during this time.  More information on the HS2 page here.

HS2: Subject: Discovery of significant archaeological site in South Northamptonshire
View BBC2 Digging For Britain on 11 January 2022 at 8pm, or on iPlayer.

Village Hall Coffee Morning Cancelled
Please note, the planned Coffee Morning for January 19th has had to be cancelled, due to the uncertain situation regarding Covid.  Please check back here for the next date it can go ahead.

Brackley Silverstone Police
For the Brackley Silverstone Police Team poster, please go to our Parish Council page.

Trafford Bridge Closure & Kineton Rd Closure
For information on these latest HS2 road closures, please visit our HS2 page here.

Film Club
Please note that Christmas film has been cancelled.  More news on the Film Club page here.

HS2 Works Notifications:
Road Closures B4455 Fosse Way in Offchurch
This will be closed mid November to early December and again from early February to early March 2022.

For more information about road closures. please see the HS2 page.

‘We tried very hard to establish WI in the village but I have to let you know that it didn’t work out. There were only 12 of us in the group and as a whole we decided that it wasn’t what we wanted and that it wasn’t the right fit for the village so no WI, we didn’t want to be tied by constitutional rules and requirements and we also felt we wanted to be inclusive to all. 

We thought that we could have a village group where everyone can take part and we can organise activities, get together, whatever comes up. There are no details or information at the moment but if you have any ideas and would like to be part of setting up the new group please get in touch.’

Village Produce, Arts and Crafts Show
What a great success!  Please go onto the Village Hall page for more details and pictures.

Events are actually happening in the Village, (Coffee Mornings, Film Club, Produce Arts and Craft Show etc.) see the Coming Soon page or relevant pages to check them out!

Open Gardens
The idea has come up again of having an Open Gardens day / weekend in the Village next year.

The idea is for as many people in the Village as possible, to open up their gardens, and for one of them to sell cream teas.  Several people have already agreed to this but we would love to have more!  If you are interested in this or if you have any ideas about it, please leave a comment on this website.

Village Environment
The village is looking peaceful and pretty and everyone works hard to keep it that way. 

Unfortunately these efforts are being spoilt by a few people who are putting their dog mess into plastic bags but then leaving them on trees or in hedges.  As well as being unpleasant for other people, this could be a health hazard for young children as dog poo can contain toxocariasis which can lead to blindness.

Please take your dog poo home with you and put it in your black bin.
Thank You!

Blacksmith’s Lane
If you have noticed a change at the bend in Blacksmith’s Lane, click here for some pictures of the transformation, hopefully an improvement!

New Bench in Main Street
Click here for some photos of the lovely new bench, and some of the history behind it.  If you have any more information about it, please leave a comment here or contact Sue N.

Scarecrow Weekend
What a Great Weekend!  The Scarecrow Trail was a brilliant success despite the weather being ‘changeable’ to say the least.  Over £650 was made for the upkeep of the Village Hall.  Thanks to everyone who took part in whatever way, and if you want to see the answers, follow this link.

Circular Trail
Please note, the footpath AA8 is now closed for HS2 works beyond the concrete track.
The concrete track should be used for a return route to the Appletree Lane and hence back to the village.
AA7 / AE17 closed at the perimeter track on the airfield and onwards to Chipping Warden.

Village Hall
Good News!
The village hall has received a “Covid” restrictions grant from the West Northamptonshire Council of £7,573.21.  See Village Hall page for more details of this and other news.

News from the Parish Council:
The Parish Council made an application to the Road Safety Fund of HS2.
Any application had to be formally agreed by Northants County Council in the first instance and then HS2.
The application was originally made over 3 years ago and we have finally received approval for the following:-

A continuation of the pavement from the Plowden Close junction with the Welsh Road heading out of the village towards the A361.  It will go as far as the pinch point opposite the footpath in the field on the left.
Originally the request was to the A361, the path approved is a compromise.

2 VAS units (vehicle activated signs) one at each end of the village on the Welsh Road.

2 Chicanes, 1 between Plowden Close and the Garages. 1 between Butlers Close and Main Street. See note 1 on the Parish Council tab.

1 new bus shelter for the school children, positioned better with appropriate drop kerbs either side of the Welsh Road.

With these measures in place the Parish Council hopes the Welsh Road will be a safer place for everyone and the speed of vehicles passing through greatly reduced.
(For any queries please contact – chairman2019alw@btinternet.com)

Looking For Somewhere to Go?
In these peculiar times when people are walking more than usual many are interested in finding new local walks.
This website, Walking in Northamptonshire, has loads of walks available for free download and printing.

All Change for Councils in Northamptonshire
For information about changes to local government in Northants, please click here

Think NHS 111 First
NHS England and NHS Improvement has launched the next phase of the latest ‘Help Us, Help You’ campaign which focuses on the NHS 111 service as a new way to access A&E.

If you have an urgent but not life-threatening medical need, make sure you contact NHS 111 first rather than going straight to A&E. If you do need urgent care, then NHS 111 can now book you in to be seen quickly and safely in A&E. 

As well as this, NHS 111 is also able to direct to or book an appointment at Urgent Treatment Centres, access to Out of Hours GP Services, pharmacies, emergency dental services and walk-in clinics.Contacting 111 first will also help the NHS to keep you safe by maintaining social distancing and ensure that you receive the right care in the right place, in a more timely and safe way.

If you or your loved one have a life-threatening illness or injury then you should always use 999 and if you do arrive at A&E without contacting NHS 111 you will still receive medical care, with emergency treatments prioritised. Just think 111 first. When you think you need A&E, contact NHS 111 by phone or online at https://111.nhs.uk/

Further information about NHS 111 First is available at www.northamptonshireccg.nhs.uk

Northants County Council
For an update on Covid 19 from the NCC please click here.

If You Need Help
The countrywide Community Resilience hub was set up at the start of April to help those needing support or assistance during periods of isolation or for those who are vulnerable.  As we enter a second national lockdown period, the Local Resilience Forum wants to reassure residents that support is available for anyone who needs it, click here for more information.

A Message from Our Postie:
Hello everyone, I’m Ray your postman and would like to say a big thank you to you all for welcoming me as your new postman after I took over from David.  Last year in June I collapsed in the Main Street and was lying there for about 3 quarters of an hour until I was found by Vicki down Blacksmiths Lane.  I started back last December, no reason could be found by the doctors but I’m ok now and am looking forward to serving this lovely village until I retire.  All my best wishes to you all and if I can help in any way please give me a shout, regards Ray the posty.

Daisy Bank Pocket Park
The story of the origin of Aston le Walls own Pocket Park; with photographs, minutes of meetings and much more.  Click here to view the Pocket Park history If you have memories or photographs of your own you would like to add, please let me know in the comments or email.  Please spread the word it’s here, to anyone you know who would be interested, thanks. 

Wells in the Village
Martin M is trying to record the whereabouts of all the wells that were/are in the village.  If anyone has any information he’d be very grateful to hear it.  A note through 8BC or a comment here will get to him.  He’s aware of the well in the school field; one beside the presbytery garage, one in the now filled in presbytery cellar, one in the garden of 3BC, and one in 22PC.  Any others?  Old Tom Smith said that the last well to run dry in a drought was down on the railway, where precisely, Martin doesn’t know.  Are there any others?  

Summer Fete
As you are all aware, we have had to cancel the Annual Summer Fete in aid of St Leonard’s.  This is our main fund raiser for the year and even though the Church is currently closed we still have ongoing expenses amounting to over £16,000 a year.  We are also missing out on collections at our services so if you would like to donate to the church please let the Treasurer Susan in Plowden Close, have a cheque made payable to St Leonard’s PCC.  Thank you.  Leave a comment if you need more details. 

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  1. Sue,

    I have been told that I can have a static Poppy Box, please could you alert people! If they felt like it they could come here to get poppies.
    Many thanks and love from Debby T.

  2. Kings Sutton Bridge Club
    Could we have a line or two in your newsletter to advertise our club and a course for Beginners’ at Bridge?

    1. Hi Ken,
      Sorry I didn’t reply before, everything’s been a bit mad here organising our Scarecrow Trail Event! I will definitely put your notice on this website and in our next newsletter if there’s enough space for it.
      Best wishes

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