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This is the village website for Aston Le Walls where you can find information on activities and events in the village

Defibrillation: For information about how to use the defibrillator in the village, please click here.

Sewing & Craft Group
Just a reminder that the Aston le Walls sewing & craft group will be meeting at 7:00 on Thursday 7th July – all welcome.
£4.00 per session or £10 for 3 sessions.

More Road Chaos!
HS2 are putting 2 way temporary traffic lights on the Byfield Road and the A361, end of July to end of August.  See HS2 page for the PF details.

Latest Food Bank message (2nd July 2022):
They are collecting for Daventry Food Bank this week and the request is for tinned fruit, tinned veg, tinned meat and long life milk week if you are able to contribute any items. Place in the box in the carport at Comfrey Cottage ready for collection on Thursday morning. As always, many thanks for your kindness.

Road Sign
Some of you will have seen that the traditional road sign at the Junction of Main Street, Appletree Lane and
Blacksmith’s Lane has been restored to its former glory! 

This project has been lovingly master minded by Charles Lees and Grahame Barnes-Moss.  I think we will all agree that they have done splendid job which will last for many years to come.  Thanks also to David Frusher for the oak, Luke Wilson for cutting the oak and, of course Harry the cat for checking the spelling.


Scarecrow Weekend 16th and 17th July 2022
Click here for past Scarecrow pictures.  Hopefully more will be coming soon! 
This is the last year that the Scarecrow Event will be organised by Sue & Steve; hopefully it will be taken on by someone else next year.  It has proved a great success over the years, raising much needed funds for the Village Hall.  Who could forget the enormous BFG, the amazing crow that was a ‘Scareman’, Top Gun from last year and many, many more!  We would like to make this year a very special celebration of this event, with lots of scarecrows please!  Cream teas in Blacksmiths Lane and Ices in Welsh Road.  Leave a comment here with any ideas, offers of help or your scarecrow theme (or let Sue or Steve know).

Ability Free Bus Service
If you’re worried that the local bus service might be discontinued, or if you can’t make the walk to the bus stop on the A361, please click here to go to the Notice Board page, and scroll down (past the Jubilee Notice) to find all the information you need to register for this service.

Chipping Warden Green Tunnel – Road Closures
See the HS2 page, here, for information about this.

Dates for Your Diary
Don’t forget to check out the Coming Soon! page for events happening in the Village.

Village Hall
The Committee have some exciting new activities planned, eg a Craft and Sewing Group and a Baby and Toddlers Group!  For more information about these events and other suggestions, please visit the Village Hall page here.

Info supplied by Parish Council:
The Litter bins in Main Street and the Welsh Road are NOT for dog poo bags.
Please take your bags home and place in your black wheelie bin.

Bus Service
The Stagecoach 200 bus service from Banbury to Daventry will run at least till 27th August 2022 (click here to find out more); in case it’s needed, here is some information about the Ability bus service.  Ability will collect from the village or even your own home.  More information on the Noticeboard page.

Police Liaison Officer – The village is looking for a volunteer to take on this role.  It will take approx 5 hours per month of your time.  The main requirement will be to establish contact with the Neighbourhood Policing Team in Brackley, and to act as the point of the contact for the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme.  

The vast majority of information will be shared electronically (e-mail and social media) with the odd meeting to attend.

Age UK Northamptonshire
They provide a variety of services, including Domestic Cleaning, Carers Sitting Service, Gardening etc.  Please see the poster on the Parish Council tab here.

Brackley Silverstone Police
For the Brackley Silverstone Police Team poster, please go to our Parish Council page.

‘We tried very hard to establish WI in the village but I have to let you know that it didn’t work out. There were only 12 of us in the group and as a whole we decided that it wasn’t what we wanted and that it wasn’t the right fit for the village so no WI, we didn’t want to be tied by constitutional rules and requirements and we also felt we wanted to be inclusive to all. 

We thought that we could have a village group where everyone can take part and we can organise activities, get together, whatever comes up. There are no details or information at the moment but if you have any ideas and would like to be part of setting up the new group please get in touch.’

Village Produce, Arts and Crafts Show 2021
What a great success!  Please go onto the Village Hall page for more details and pictures.

Open Gardens
The idea has come up again of having an Open Gardens day / weekend in the Village next year.

The idea is for as many people in the Village as possible, to open up their gardens, and for one of them to sell cream teas.  Several people have already agreed to this but we would love to have more!  If you are interested in this or if you have any ideas about it, please leave a comment on this website.

Village Environment
The village is looking peaceful and pretty and everyone works hard to keep it that way. 

Unfortunately these efforts are being spoilt by a few people who are putting their dog mess into plastic bags but then leaving them on trees or in hedges.  As well as being unpleasant for other people, this could be a health hazard for young children as dog poo can contain toxocariasis which can lead to blindness.

Please take your dog poo home with you and put it in your black bin.
Thank You!

Blacksmith’s Lane
If you have noticed a change at the bend in Blacksmith’s Lane, click here for some pictures of the transformation, hopefully an improvement!

New Bench in Main Street
Click here for some photos of the lovely new bench, and some of the history behind it.  If you have any more information about it, please leave a comment here or contact Sue N.

Scarecrow Weekend 2021
What a Great Weekend!  The Scarecrow Trail was a brilliant success despite the weather being ‘changeable’ to say the least.  Over £650 was made for the upkeep of the Village Hall.  Thanks to everyone who took part in whatever way, and if you want to see the answers, follow this link.

A Message from Our Postie:
Hello everyone, I’m Ray your postman and would like to say a big thank you to you all for welcoming me as your new postman after I took over from David.  Last year in June I collapsed in the Main Street and was lying there for about 3 quarters of an hour until I was found by Vicki down Blacksmiths Lane.  I started back last December, no reason could be found by the doctors but I’m ok now and am looking forward to serving this lovely village until I retire.  All my best wishes to you all and if I can help in any way please give me a shout, regards Ray the posty.

Daisy Bank Pocket Park
The story of the origin of Aston le Walls own Pocket Park; with photographs, minutes of meetings and much more.  Click here to view the Pocket Park history If you have memories or photographs of your own you would like to add, please let me know in the comments or email.  Please spread the word it’s here, to anyone you know who would be interested, thanks. 

Wells in the Village
Martin M is trying to record the whereabouts of all the wells that were/are in the village.  If anyone has any information he’d be very grateful to hear it.  A note through 8BC or a comment here will get to him.  He’s aware of the well in the school field; one beside the presbytery garage, one in the now filled in presbytery cellar, one in the garden of 3BC, and one in 22PC.  Any others?  Old Tom Smith said that the last well to run dry in a drought was down on the railway, where precisely, Martin doesn’t know.  Are there any others?  

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  1. Sue,

    I have been told that I can have a static Poppy Box, please could you alert people! If they felt like it they could come here to get poppies.
    Many thanks and love from Debby T.

  2. Kings Sutton Bridge Club
    Could we have a line or two in your newsletter to advertise our club and a course for Beginners’ at Bridge?

    1. Hi Ken,
      Sorry I didn’t reply before, everything’s been a bit mad here organising our Scarecrow Trail Event! I will definitely put your notice on this website and in our next newsletter if there’s enough space for it.
      Best wishes

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