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  1. The village website seems to have no explanation of, or comment on, the vilage’s unusual name. There are many villages called ‘Aston’ this or that (the nearest perhaps being North Aston) but what is the meaning of ‘le Walls’? Is it the family name of one time squires or landowners, possibly of Norman origin? If so, who were they and what happened to them? Or is the reference to some structure or boundary – if so, what was it and what happened to it? Or is there some other explanation? The church website offers no clue. It would be interesting to be told and for the answer to be shown on the village website.

    1. Hi Peter,
      Thanks for your interesting comment. In ‘Spires and Squires’ by Derek F Blunt, it says that in the Domesday Book the name was Estone, indicating that this was east farm: He says “The unusual addition can be dated back to Tudor times and refers to the existence of an old Roman Vallum, an earth made defensive embankment which once ran some twenty miles from here to Kirklington in Oxfordshire.”

      Other people have expressed an interest in the history of this village, so I will hopefully create a page with as much history as I can find! It would also be great to include any memories from village residents of times past.

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