Village Hall
There are funds available from HS2 (who are, even now, breaking ground on the Airfield) to support communities affected by the building of the new railway.  We could tap into this in order to upgrade / replace / relocate our village hall for the next generation to enjoy.  What should we do?  We could

  • Renovate the existing hall (roof, windows, doors, heaters etc), but the fabric of the hall is ageing and beyond its original build specification, so maybe not the best option.
  • Build a new VH in the existing location.  Ideally, this would involve digging out the site to give pavement-level access for those less able.  In the current space, we would always be limited in scope and we’d be without a hall for the period of reconstruction.
  • Build a new VH elsewhere, on the edge of the village.  If we could find someone willing to sell us a suitable plot, we could create a hall that would suit perfectly, preferably with some parking on site.  If we could find space, creating a kickabout or play area for the village children would be the icing on the cake.  We could then sell the existing site.

However, this project needs someone with time and vision to lead it – are you that person?  If so, please contact Wilf on 660455 to apply for the job.

HS2 Contact Details
As part of HS2’s commitment to being open and accessible for local communities, you will now be able to contact our helpdesk team using a new Freephone telephone number.

All calls are free of charge from UK landlines and mobile phones.

The Freephone number is 08081 434 434.  This number can also be found on our website www.gov.uk/hs2

Or email: hs2enquiries@hs2.org.uk

HS2 have also introduced a new Freephone mini-com number for callers with hearing and speech difficulties.  This number is 08081 456 472

Please see the SNAG website for information or contact Jo Wilson 660376 for further information.

Past Reports
A petition was presented to the Select Committee in Westminster by the Parish Council in response to the Environmental Statement. The main points were – To prevent construction traffic using Blacksmiths Lane and Main Street as access routes to the construction compound at the tunnel entrance/exit off Appletree Lane.  To move the midpoint auto transformer station and portal maintenance building from the east to the west side of the line away from the village.  To keep Appletree Lane; which will be closed to traffic, open to pedestrians up to the concrete path during the construction process to allow residents to walk their dogs.  To provide a roundabout at the junction of Welsh Road with the A361 to slow the traffic and make it safer for local drivers.  To construct a paved footpath from the village to the A361 to ensure the safety of pedestrians.  Other issues related to the construction period were raised i.e. control of dust, noise and disruption of natural water resources.

There has been no agreement to a footpath along Welsh Road to the A361. The Parish Council continues to investigate this through other channels. HS2 have agreed that construction traffic will access the construction site from the west and no related traffic will use Blacksmiths Lane and Main Street.  Appletree Lane will remain open to walkers as far as the concrete path.  The transformer station and the portal building, with associated access road, have been relocated to the west side of the line.

The Select Committee agreed to a roundabout at the junction. However, following a safety study by Atkins and NCC, the proposal now is to provide a staggered junction.  Although it is not in our parish, the Parish Council are concerned for the safety of residents at this dangerous junction due to the proposals for the Chipping Warden Relief Road and the construction site on the A361, and what effect these will have on driver behaviour in the area.  We will continue to argue for the best outcome possible for all, including pedestrians and riders.