Blacksmith’s Lane Bend

For those of you who’ve noticed a huge transformation taking place halfway along Blacksmith’s Lane, this is what’s happening.  This piece of land doesn’t belong to anyone, and isn’t the responsibility of Northants CC or our Parish Council.  It was getting very overgrown and covered in brambles and it turns out, my husband was bored!  Over a number of weeks, he has cleared the ground and, with the help of Mavis, seeds have been sown and plants planted.  Mavis suggested plants attractive to insects and birds, so we’re hopeful that’s what will come up.  There are a couple of bird shelters in the trees and an insect hotel.  Steve has also attempted a bit of dry stone walling to repair parts of the lower wall that he’s uncovered.  We’ve also found out that the wall that’s been uncovered was the original wall around the Old Vicarage; apparently it was moved back at some time. All that’s needed now is a name for the area and some sun!

Here are a couple of pictures of the early days of clearing the site; unfortunately we didn’t take any photos before any clearing was done. A very big thank you to everyone who donated plants, seeds and stones; it’s very much appreciated.

The clearing begins:

Upper part seeded and insect hotel added. You can also see a bricked up doorway in the first picture.

Steve also tried his hand at dry stone walling, and you may just be able to make out the bird shelter in the tree.

A few steps were added and plants were donated.

Seeds have started flowering – it worked!