Woodford Halse Community Larder


Who are we?
The Woodford Halse Community Larder has grown out of local voluntary efforts to support our community suffering from food insecurity, particularly during the pandemic.  The Good Neighbour Schemes in Byfield, Woodford and Boddington worked with sources of food and used donations from villagers to provide support, working closely with TowFood, Towcester’s Foodbank.  The need in our area is only growing, and so the decision has been made to formally create our own not-for-profit charity Community Larder, sourcing subsidised food, accepting donations, minimising local food waste and an outlet for surplus locally grown seasonal produce.

Foodbank or Community Larder?
Foodbanks are available in Daventry and Banbury, but attendees must be referred in by authorities and the support is limited in scope and time frame.  A Community Larder can be established in a format to suit the needs of the local community.  We are following a format that we have seen successfully operate elsewhere and we believe is a sustainable volunteer arrangement, providing the most support to the most people locally.

Who is it for?
Anyone who needs it! Those who need a bit of one-off help, want to access subsidised food regularly, or like the idea of being more sustainable in their food supply.  Villagers from Byfield, Boddington and the surrounding areas are also included in our catchment, not just Woodford residents.

How does it work?
It operates as a club – you join as a member for the year for £10.  You then pay when you visit – either £5 for up to 10 items, or £10 for up to 22 items.  There will be extra free items depending on what is available or in season.

We anticipate that you will get food worth around £20+ for the £5 contribution.

Pure donations from all sources will not be charged for: the availability will vary from week to week, but will include fresh produce, bread, etc.

What does the money go towards?
Administration and buying subsidised food from FareShare, the national food charity that co-ordinates surplus food.  This is where supermarkets and manufacturers donate or sell their unwanted supplies, and FareShare distributes to organisations like ours to get it to you.

Woodford Halse Primary Academy are 100% in support and have provided The Nest, to host the weekly larders.

What else happens at the Larder?
We’ll be having tea, coffee and cake available whilst you wait your turn to shop.

We will also be looking at introducing cooking classes for families and also the elderly.  We would also like to encourage other organisations to deliver their services here, like Age UK, the Health Visiting Team, Citizens Advice etc.  We are here to help support the communities, so please talk to us and we will listen.

I already use a foodbank – what do I do?
Using our Community Larder does not preclude you accessing the town foodbanks if you are eligible.

I may struggle to pay the fee – what do I do?
No-one should be going hungry in this day and age.  Please speak to us – there are sources of support available.

Who has my information?

All data is held securely, and we are under strict obligations to not discuss you or your needs with anyone you have not explicitly said you want us to talk to on your behalf.

Can I help?
If you’d like to volunteer we’d love to hear from you. Speak to a member of the Larder team or contact us on 07507294061 or email communitylarder@woodfordhalseacademy.net

I only have a certain amount of time, can I still help?
Absolutely! Tasks will vary, from a regular hour a week, to 30mins once a month.  Let us know what you can offer, time and skills, and we will find a way for you to help.

I know someone who needs help, what should I do?
Check that they know we exist, and encourage them to get in touch.  If you don’t feel comfortable doing that, we are more than happy to reach out to people.

I already donate food elsewhere, what should I do?
We’ve been encouraged to set up our Community Larder by the Foodbanks in Daventry and Banbury as it saves travel for their customers.  Those eligible can still use the foodbanks, we are an extra provision, and will reach more local people.  You can donate to any charity – we all work together to help tackle food poverty.

I have produce from my garden / allotment, can I donate it?
You certainly can.

Contact us to find out more – in general, we’d like supplies to be delivered to us on Monday afternoons or Tuesday morning at the Larder.

Do you have any more questions?
Call our number and ask!  We want to provide what our neighbours need, so you will be helping us do better by asking.

When does it start?
Tuesday 26th July @ 1pm for coffee and cake before the larder opens at 2pm.