Village Hall

Village Hall Committee AGM, 2019

The Annual General Meeting of the Village Hall committee was held on Thursday 21st November. Attendance was at a record low but those present learned the following:

• When the cost of heat, water, rates and cleaning are paid, the hall just breaks even on annual running costs.
• We have a healthy balance in the bank, which is kept at a level that allows us to continue maintenance for two years with no lettings, if required.
• The hall has gained two extra weekly bookings in the last couple of months.
• There were only 12 ad hoc booking in 2018-19.

We reviewed the results of the survey that were returned by 16 of the village (thanks to those who took the time).

Overall, there was a small majority for purchasing a new site on the edge of the village and building a new hall, potentially with parking / play area. This is the most expensive option, costing up to half a million pounds.

Perhaps more telling was the response to the question ‘If we rebuilt the hall, how would this change your use?’ to which the majority of respondents put ‘No Change’.

On that basis, the meeting felt that the cost of significant change / refurbishment / rebuilding was difficult to justify so we will not be looking at major project work at this time.

However, we propose the following upgrades to the existing hall, subject to successful funding applications and building approvals.

1. To allow access to the hall for people who cannot manage the steps, create a slope to the right of the hall (when viewed from Main Street) that allows access to the rear door, where the existing fire path runs.
(We need to check feasibility of this to ensure we don’t undermine the adjacent wall and the foundations of the VH.)

2. Replace the windows and doors, because the existing units are falling apart.

3. Replace the electric heaters with more energy efficient models.

4. Improve insulation where possible

5. Upgrade the kitchen:
          a. Install a hob with proper splashback and a larger oven
          b. Install an extractor fan.
          c. Replace the existing units and create a better layout.

6. Install broadband and wifi

These improvements, as well as making the hall fit for the next decade, will allow us to develop the venue for daytime letting for small business meetings (no more than 15 attendees, to avoid excess parking issues) to increase income from a period of low use.

It would also allow the space to be used by local home workers who want to network on a monthly basis etc. We could also look at offering a catering service etc., if there’s a demand.

If you’d like to get involved in fund raising or have some experience of managing projects of this kind, please get in touch.

Wilf Iliffe, Chair of VHCommittee

The Village Hall committee is currently chaired by Wilf (660455) and exists to maintain the Hall for the use of villagers and to hold events for the community to enjoy.  Give Wilf a ring if you’d like to join in the fun and help out!

AGM 2018
The AGM on Thursday 22nd November 2018 was well attended.  Thanks to all who came.  The Committee said that their finances are in good shape and that the Film Club was currently the biggest fund raiser.  The November draw of the 100 Club with 5 extra prizes took place and the prizes have been distributed.  Several new people joined the committee and a subcommittee was formed to look into the possibility of raising funds from HS2 to improve or replace the current Village Hall.  If you are interested in joining this group or the main committee (just a few meetings a year and help with events required), please contact Wilf as above.

The Harvest Supper is a lovely way to say thanks for the safe harvest of the crops and the hard work of the people who produce our food.  Villagers very generously provide casseroles and puddings to enjoy in the Village Hall.  This year the event will take place on Saturday 12th October 2019.

Flower and Produce Show
The very successful Produce Show was held at the beginning of September. There were 124 entries in the various classes. The Cup for the most points in the produce classes was jointly won by Jean Dowsett and Susan Kennedy. Jean also won the Cecelia Wade Shield for the most points in the Home Produce section. We were delighted that Cecelia was able to be with us to present this shield for the first time. A profit of just over £80 was made.

The produce show was held this year at the beginning of September.  Despite the hot, dry summer we had entries in most of the growing categories (fruit and veg) and plenty in the home produce (cakes, jams etc.).  There were over 100 entries across the show and the produce was auctioned off by Percy Taylor after the judging.  The overall winner was Susan Kennedy and the Rose Cup was won jointly by Percy Taylor and Tim Ball.  Total funds raised for the Village Hall were just over £100.  Well done to everyone for their efforts!

The Village Hall also supports the Film Club (see page for more details).

The Scarecrow Weekend is held every year and in 2019 took place on the 6th and 7th July.  This year was a special year as it was the 21st anniversary of the start of the Scarecrow Trail.  Everyone rose to the challenge and 47 scarecrows were made, and much fun was had trying to guess what or who they were!  Cream teas were on sale in the garden of The Barn, Blacksmiths Lane, and ice creams at Foxcote in Welsh Road.  The total raised for village hall funds was a brilliant £671.50.  Click here for details of scarecrows and winners.

Quiz nights are held occasionally, usually chaired by Martin Mason, and are great fun for all.

The 100 Club is a lottery run on behalf of the Village Hall; 3 prizes are drawn each month with an additional 5 at the Village Hall AGM.  There are a few numbers still available from Steve (660568) at a cost of £12 a year – a bargain!  The prizes amount to 50% of the receipts with the balance used to maintain the Village Hall.  We do hope you’ll support this important fund raising activity.